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Mens Black Dress Shoes

Stylish Mens Black Dress Shoes Enhancing Mens Appearance


History of dress shoes is very old. There have been endless array of shoes styles for men. However people prefer core designs that are more appealing and have certain patterns. The oldest dress shoe that had been invented is oxford ‘Balmorals’ shoes that has been designed for men in Scotland. English people liked the style and preferred to wear oxford shoes. This style had been introduced in Europe in 1640. Originally the shoes were designed in black color. This color has always been the hot color for men. They preferred this color over any other color as it adds more elegant look. Two popular oxford styles include Balmorals and Balmorals Castle. These became very popular by 1800 s. After oxford sleek silhouette was introduced in Europe and it gained attraction of English people. These shoes became popular in English preparatory schools. Mens black dress shoes have always appealed men.

During past people perceived tied laces as feminine so men liked to wear button up dress shoes. However it was later recognized that laces designs provide more comfort level and were easy to wear thus more efficient. Different styles of laces were used at that time.

American Influence

Dress shoes were mostly designed in European countries till Americans started taking interest in this. American businessmen preferred to combine professionalism and cosmopolitan styles for designing shoes. Americans introduces the new style in 1920 s that includes jazz and flapper culture presenting flamboyance. Flamboyance used two tones of leathers that generated a more preppy look.

Crossed lacing

Oxford presented a distinct feature that includes cross lacing for dress shoes. This is one of the signature features of Oxford in which eyelets are connected not on the top but below the vamp. The other famous brands for designing men’s dress shoes include; Cheaney & Sons, Church’s, Tricker’s, Allen Edmonds, Crocket & Jones and Alden.


Another famous brand for men’s dress shoes in Derby that introduces Gibson and Blucher styles. One of the striking features of these styles is open lacing. Open lacing style differentiates Derby from all other dress shoes brands. The main purpose of this design is to expose the underlying structural components of the mens black dress shoes. However Gibson is considered to be more formal and more refined that adds more stylish look. While Blucher is considered to be less formal and less refined. These designs were named after a Persian General named, Gebhard Leberech Von Blucher. The shoes were first introduced in Persian military where militants and army men used to wear them. Before these, military boots that originated in 1814 were used by military people. But Gebhard find those military boots not comfortable and he suggested new styles known as Gibson and Blucher. Both designs were finding to be more comfortable compared to old military boots. So with time Gibson and Blucher replaced military boots.

Defeating Napoleon

One of the famous histories that are related to Blucher is the defeat of Napoleon. Von Blucher defeated Napoleon with his troops using these boots. After that boots became more popular among military people.

Brogue Mens Black Dress Shoes

The most popular mens black dress shoes style used by men is Brogue. This is known as a classic style. Brogue style was basically designed for the purpose of field shoes. This was mostly used for boardroom and formal purposes. The name Brogue suggests decorative patterns on the exterior of the shoes. Four different cap styles are used for brogue that includes; full wingtip, semi wingtip, quarter wingtip and long wing. Perforated holes are also used for the purpose of creating decorative patterns. When people wade in Scottish bogs water gets in the shoes and the holes helped the drainage of water. Brogue is available commonly in two colors black and brown. Former type is the most popular among English people.

Monk strap style

One popular style of dress shoes for men includes monk strap style. This type is considered to be most classy and rakish shoes for men. The shoes are named monk strap because they were designed as an alternative to sandals that were used by European monks. These were designed to replace sandals and provide more comfortable dress shoes. One striking feature of monk strap is cap toe that is designed to provide more comfort ability to people. This style used buckles instead of laces. There are one or two buckles attached to the show. This style is most attractive in black color. Considering the structural design of monk strap, it resembles the blucher style. The only difference between two styles is that bluchers use laces while monk strap used buckles in place of laces. Currently this style is most common among men.


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