Monday , 11 December 2017

Stylish Summer Clothes For Women From Conservatism To Modernism

Summer Clothes For Women

History of summer clothes for women is very old. In 1950 s fashion of women presented a combination of glamour and conservatism. It presented combining features of freshness and femininity. Women who had gone through the phases of great depression and World War II started wearing fashion clothes in 1950 s. the most commonly used styles includes skirts, trousers and …

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Stylish Mens Black Dress Shoes Enhancing Mens Appearance

Mens Black Dress Shoes

History of dress shoes is very old. There have been endless array of shoes styles for men. However people prefer core designs that are more appealing and have certain patterns. The oldest dress shoe that had been invented is oxford ‘Balmorals’ shoes that has been designed for men in Scotland. English people liked the style and preferred to wear oxford …

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Extra Wide Shoes Becoming Popular A New Trends

Extra Wide Shoes

History The history indicates that the footwear tradition is related to Egyptian civilization. The history of shoes is very old in Mesopotamia. Trend of wearing shoes began in 1600 and 1100 BC. People that lived in mountains used to wear soft shoes for protecting their feet. Women preferred to wear softer shoes compared to men. For the purpose of making …

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Black Loafer For Men A Rising Trend And Style

Black Loafer For Men

Introduction Loafers belongs to the category of moccasins and driving Moc but not entirely similar. They are quite different from moccasins. Loafers are available in different styles and all leading brands are also manufacturing them on high demand from consumers’ side. Black loafer for men are designed by many brands that give decent appearance. What makes a shoe to be …

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How To Wear The Cowboy Boots For Men

Cowboy Boots For Men

Cowboy boots for men are available in several styles. The most popular one is known to be the Wellington style. The Hessian style has a v-cut at the top center. For a long time, the horsemen were the people who used to wear boots having high heels and the major reason why they used to wear them was because they …

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How To Pick The 3 Piece Suit For The Right Occasion

3 Piece Suit

No matter what occasion is coming ahead, if it is important to you then you are supposed to invest some time in choosing the best 3 piece suit. In order to look good, you may have to invest in something good and impressive. If that’s what you are looking for, here is a guide for all men to help them …

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8 Different Types of Boots for Men

Boots For Men

Boots are always better than shoes. There was a time when shoes were in the buzz but when boots came out, they brought a massive evolution. The movers and shakers of history have always seen wearing boots. Men of class always choose boots for styling. It will not be wrong to say that boots should be a part of your …

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How To Buy The Best Pair Of Mens Ankle Boots

Mens Ankle Boots

Men have been wearing the ankle boots since the Victorian times. The astonishing thing is that they have gained popularity in the hiking as well as the dress shoe market. They are also known as dealer boots and Chelsea boots. They have a stylish appearance and they are known to be a perfect alternative to the dress shoes. If you …

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Guide To Buy The Best Mens Brown Dress Shoes

Mens Brown Dress Shoes

When getting ready for a special occasion like weddings with friends and family, you always need to look your best. Apart from the dress, the second thing that matters a lot is the kind of shoes you are wearing. Believe it or not but shoes influence your entire personality. So decent shoes for your dress is what you really need. …

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Wearing Accessory Stylish Black Boots For Men

Black Boots For Men

Specific shoe type that serves the purpose of covering the foot is termed as boot. Boots are meant to protect the foot in harsh weather, during unpredictable circumstances, and in a cold climate. Boots are designed in many styles and varieties. Most ancient black boots for men were leather boots that were designed in a way to give ankle protection. …

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