Sunday , 17 December 2017
Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Public’s Demand For Affordable Plus Size Clothing



It has been observed that the fashion sector dealing with affordable plus size clothing is most neglected one. Women that are obese and require plus size clothes have been facing problems. Top brands are usually designing clothes for smart girls and boys, thus neglecting larger men and women. Statics obtained from a research study highlights increase in ratio of people who are obese and overweight.

Change in trend

Considering women from America is has been revealed that currently women are more heavier compared to past. Now women are found to be 25 pounds more heavy compared to the year 1960. However the spending ratio of women in America indicates that on clothing $190 billion are spent every year and only 9 percent is being spent on clothes that are of size 14 and up. The fashion industry has been focusing on smart population and neglecting the heavier population. Fashion industry has always been manufacturing large stock for curvier figures than taut figures. One reason for this is they can earn more returns on manufacturing clothes for smarter population.

Discouraged spending

An analysis conducted by retailers uncovers that larger women have no desires for wearing stylish and fashionable clothes. Because they are mostly complex about their physical appearances, they think fashion clothes are not for them. They have perceptions that they can only wear fashion clothes if they get smarter. Due to such believes they are likely to spend less on clothing. Ad fashion industry does not find it profitable to manufacture clothes for larger men and women.

Historical impact

Large sized men and women feel inferior compared to smart looking population. They are comparatively less lively and less confident. They prefer to wear dull colors and less bold patterns. However in 1930 s industry started focusing on obese women and men and started manufacturing clothes for size range of 14 to 24.

Vanity sizing

Today manufacturers of clothing are using the concept of vanity sizing. Clothes are labeled smaller than their actual sizes. For example if its mention size 34 on a pant that actually means size 36. In vanity sizing the measurements that are shown on tags are actually 2- 3 inches less than actual sizes. This phenomenon is basically used for pleasing obese population and providing them sense of satisfaction that their size is decreased. Some brands even mention 5 inches less than actual sizes.

Variability in sizes

Different brands are using different measurements on designer clothes. There exist huge differences in sizes of different brands. A same size shirt that is marked as sized 10 is marked as size 12 in other brand. Customers have to face difficulty in identifying their actual size as different brands are using different sizes that are not accurate.

Availability of affordable plus size clothing

Recently there are comparatively more options available for plus size clothing. The NDP research group has stated a rise in purchase of affordable plus size clothing has been recorded by 9 percent in year 2011. They have also suggested that women are likely to be attracted more towards plus size clothing if manufacturers provide them good offers. Recently brands are also using models to showcase plus size clothes. A model named Jennie Runk has appeared in a swimsuit add that is wearing plus size swim suit and the models size in 12 or 14 in actual. So brands are now using impressive ways to advertise plus size clothing’s.

Higher end clothing

A survey conducted from retailers also indicates the trend has risen in demand for plus size clothes. And firms are also concentrating on manufacturing large stocks to fulfill rising demand for plus size clothing. It has also been observed that plus size has been emerging as higher end designer clothing. Also manufacturers have now launched new category for plus size clothing on the basis of public’s demand. The category is labeled as Asos curve that is manufacturing sizes from 14 to 24. This category provides comfortable and well fitted suiting to plus size population.


However the sales figures for the plus size clothing have not been exposed by firms but still they report rapid rise in demand for plus size clothing. Manufacturers and retailers have emphasized on manufacturing affordable plus size clothing for men and women having large size. The designer clothing must reflect the customers’ actual sizes so they have to face no difficulties in identifying their actual sizes. Obese and heavy men and women have also started taking interest in fashion in order to enhance their physical appearances.


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