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Black Loafer For Men

Black Loafer For Men A Rising Trend And Style



Loafers belongs to the category of moccasins and driving Moc but not entirely similar. They are quite different from moccasins. Loafers are available in different styles and all leading brands are also manufacturing them on high demand from consumers’ side. Black loafer for men are designed by many brands that give decent appearance.

What makes a shoe to be categorized as loafers?

There are some essential features that all loafers are having, these are stated below;

  • Loafers don’t have laces like other shoes.
  • The shoe is designed in low shoe style that means ankle does not enter the shoe it is exposed.
  • Loafers have separate sole.
  • The shoe has a low heel or sole.
  • The upper part of the shoe looks like moccasin.
  • Loafers are also designed with leather vamp on upper side of shoe named as saddle.

Differences between moccasins and loafers

  • Loafers are having separate soles while moccasins are having attached soles.
  • Heels are visible in loafers not in moccasins.
  • Moccasins are usually designed with ornaments, embroidery and beadings on the upper side of shoe while loafers are mostly simple without any such ornaments or decorations.
  • The striking difference is the evolution from different continents.

Origin of loafers

There are many stories about its origin. Two theories about black loafer for men are widely accepted by people that declare loafers to be originated from Norwegian. Norwegian footwear emerged from royal commission of English people. The exact source of loafers could not be identified. History is divided for better understanding of history.

Wild Smith black loafer for men

A footwear business was established in United Kingdom in 1847 by Rebecca and Matthew. The enterprise was named as wild Smith shoes. The enterprise used to repair boots on regiment of household cavalry that were taken from household cavalry. Then in 1926 countrymen shoes were designed by Raymond Lewis Wild Smith who was grandson of Rebecca and Matthew. He also designed low heel shoes that were without laces so they could be wore and taken off easily. This newly designed shoe was similar to moccasins but not exactly alike. This designed shoe is known as loafers in modern world. Originally the shoe had been designed for indoor wear but it started trending as outdoor wear then.

Aurland loafer

Leafer was first introduced by Tveranger in Aurland that was a town in Norway, during 20th century. Nil was father of Tveranger who worked as a shoemaker and he learned shoemaking art from North America in 1930 s. He then designed low heel shoes that were labeled as Aurland moccasins. Moccasins were first wore by Iroquois and then by fisherman of Aurland. The design also reached Europe and fascinated men there. The shoe in Europe also fancied many American visitors. American visitors then reintroduced the shoe style in their homeland.

In 1940 s Arthur Gardner who was secretary of Treasury in America liked shoe style so much that he requested ambassador of Norway for obtaining shoe sketch.

The penny loafers

G.H. Bass Company also manufactures shoes and it also copied loafers’ style and manufactures its own design in 1934. To make different style they used leather for making diamond shaped saddle that was attached on upper part of shoe. To give them Norwegian touch they were named as Weejuns, thus making them different from Spaulding loafers. In 1950 s these loafers fascinated prep school students in America.

Tassel loafers

Ivy League used tassel loafers according to Alan Flusser. Tassel shoes were worn by Trumans in 1920 s. Paul Lukas is movie character in America he find oxford shoes that had attached tassels and liked them. Different shoe designs were experimented at that time by Alden Shoe Company during 1950 s. Tassel loafers became famous in Los Angeles. Then by 1957 Brook brothers get loafers designed by Alden Shoe Company that used decorative seam on backside of the shoe.

Gucci loafers

During 1960 s loafers became extremely popular being worn with suits in America. Europeans at that time though these are casual shoes. Then Gucci who was an Italian designer he introduces loafers that used golden brass strap on shoe. His office was opened in New York in 1953 and became famous for loafers.

Belgian loafers

Henri Bendel introduces loafers known as Belgian loafers in 1950’s. he used bow on loafers that give it a distinctive look. He sews the shoe in style of inside- out. To give them more appealing look he used unusual materials and different colors.

Loafers’ construction

Black loafer are most common among category of loafers. Blake rapid stitched loafers are also common and Goodyear welted loafers. But black loafer for men most that are used for casual wear and also formal wear with suits.


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