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Wide Calf Boots For Women

Wide Calf Boots For Women A Boot Fit Guide



In order to achieve good fit boots women need to follow guideline. One thing that should be kept in mind while choosing a calf boot is that there is no relation of size of calf with the size of one’s foot. The width and calf are independent in terms of measuring foot’s size. There exist different types of calf boots both for men and women. Wide calf boots for women have always attracted women. The pretty looking boots made up of leather appeals larger population of girls and women. While choosing well fitted calf boots one must consider wider boots because the calf muscles increase in size after workout, so one must purchase wide calf boots.

Buying calf boots online

It is difficult to judge the actual measurements of the boots available on the webpage. Though the site has mentioned wide calf boots for women on the site but there are chances that it does not mention the accurate measurements. There are chances that they may not have measured the 16 inches of calf and that would make the actual size wrong. So buying online is not a good option in case of calf boots, one should take accurate measurements from customer care.

Calf expansion

In order to get accurate measurements of calf one must add 2 to three inches in the measured size. When a person walks the calf is likely to expand by few inches and the size measurements could be falsified.

Affordable calf boots

People have perceptions that wider calf boots are more expensive but this is not the case. Wider calf boots are also affordable and they costs same as normal or narrowed calf boots. So it is better for women to buy wide calf boots as they are likely to fit them well compared to slim boots. A brand named as Life Stride sells wide calf boots that are below $100 and are affordable.

Calf measurements

One must consider the measurements of calf stated below before buying boots;

Wide calf = between 16 to 18 ½ sized boots

Extra wide calf = between 17 to 20 ½ sized boots

Super wide calf = between 18 to 21 sized boots

These measurements indicates that women with wide calves must be purchasing boots of size 16 to 18 ½. Women having extra wide calves must purchase boots of size 17 to 20 ½ and women having super wide calves must purchase boots of size 18 to 21.

Types of Wide calf boots for women

Some popular brands for calf boots are given below;

  • Duo boots

This category is for women who prefer to wear over knee boots. This category provides up to 50 cm of boots that means 19.6 inches thus falls under the category of wide calf boots.

  • Evans

Evans is available in sizes that range between 6 to 12. This category provides classic silhouette style and in case of wide calf boots size are up to 19 inches.

  • Just fab

This brand provides wide calf boots that just range between $39 to $59. The brand provides different sizes that start from 16.

  • Lane Bryant

The brand provides wide variety of calf boots and the sizes are available up to 19 inches. The brand is famous for selling over knee boots and ankle booties.

  • Nordstrom

One of the recognized brands in calf boots category is Nordstrom. The brand is famous for manufacturing wider looking shoes also includes wide calf boots. It provides different fascinating boots made up of leader and stylish trends increase the elegance of boots.

  • Simply Be

Another brand famous for selling calf boots is Simply Be. It manufactures different color boots such as purple boots. It also provides wide variety of sizes for different sized women. Boots are available up to width of 24 inches.

  • Torrid

The brand is popular for manufacturing long boots that are thigh high boots. Brand provides edgy options in boots category that are available in sizes of 13 inches and up to 22 inches size of calves.


This is a website that provides variety of calf boots in different styles and sizes. It provides calf boots up to size 20 inches and more.

Guidelines for buying calf boots

  • A calf should be measured at the widest point and both calves should be measured.
  • While making purchase quality should be considered. A good quality leather boot is better.
  • Wide calf boots for women looks amazing with jeans.

For determining how high the boots must be, one should be able to measure from heels to get accurate height.


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