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Cowboy Boots For Men

How To Wear The Cowboy Boots For Men


Cowboy boots for men are available in several styles. The most popular one is known to be the Wellington style. The Hessian style has a v-cut at the top center. For a long time, the horsemen were the people who used to wear boots having high heels and the major reason why they used to wear them was because they wanted to protect their feet. Later in 1800s, a new style was introduced which was called Cavalier. They had high heels but higher quality leather.

History of Cowboy Boots

In 1950s, the square toe cowboy boots were readily replaced by the round toe shoes. During this year, the cowboy style shoes got huge popularity among the country men. Since that time, the cowboy boots came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They were widely known for the ageless charm and appeal they possess.

These shoes had heels and pointed toes but no laces. First, they were made from cow skin leather but eventually, other materials like snake, lizard, alligator and ostrich leather were also used. These shoes are readily available in not just different styles and design, but also in different colors. Competition among the manufacturers increased and so, innovation was seen in these boots. They are not just available in experimental style but also in traditional and classy designs.

The most popular style among the cowboy boots is the western style. These shoes have a tall shaft and heel which is a bit conventional. Some of them also have a smallish walking heel. Similarly, you will find cowboy boots for men that have shorter shaft and some even come with laces. They have been long admired for their manliness and impressive looks.

How to Take Care of your Cowboy Boots?

In case you are thinking of purchasing these boots, it will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Theseboots perfectly fit any all kinds of weathers whether it is the winter chills or the harsh rains. If you are going to buy the western boots, you will find them extremely expensive, especially if you are getting vintage boots. In case you want to protect your investment, you have to be sure that you take proper care of your shoes. No matter what kind of skin your boots have, there are specific methods that will help you take care of them. Have a look at them:

  • Cowhide Leather: Cowhide leather falls among the most durable materials. However, it still is prone to discoloration after the long term use. In order to keep your boots look vibrant, you will need shoe cream that matches the color of the booths. You can also use leather conditioner for making your shoes shine.
  • Ostrich Leather: It is the lanolin based leather conditioner for making the ostrich leather shine. Simply apply the neutral shoe cream for polishing the leather and you will get a great finish.
  • Alligator & Snake Skin: These two types of leathers are strong and more water resistant. You have to be sure to clean the bootsthoroughly so that you can readily prevent dust and debris from settling in the scales.

Tips on Buying the Cowboy Boots for Men

  • You have to keep this thing in mind that the cowboy boots do not fit you like regular footwear. The cowboy boots that you bought in the morning might not fit you in the afternoon. Similarly, after a long day of wearing, you will feel these boots to be too loose. Let the salesperson measure your feet to help you in choosing the right size.
  • Cowboy boots can be found in pointy, rounded and boxy style toes. The most common types of shoes are the pointy style toes. In case you are not comfortable with these shoes, do not buy them. Choose the shape that conforms to the shape of your feet so that you feel comfortable all day long when you are wearing these shoes.
  • Another thing you have to consider when buying the cowboy boots is the heel height. Choose only that kind of height that is comfortable. The short heeled boots are casual and they best suit the people having flat feet. If you are going to an evening party, the high heeled boots will be the best choice.

After you have selected the right boots, wear them and walk around to feel if they are comfortable. Cowboy boots for men are readily available in different styles and quality. Just know what you want before you go out to purchase them.


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