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Summer Clothes For Women

Stylish Summer Clothes For Women From Conservatism To Modernism


History of summer clothes for women is very old. In 1950 s fashion of women presented a combination of glamour and conservatism. It presented combining features of freshness and femininity. Women who had gone through the phases of great depression and World War II started wearing fashion clothes in 1950 s. the most commonly used styles includes skirts, trousers and shorts. These styles added elegance and glamour to women personality. Women saved money and tried to buy good clothes. Every woman in that era used to wear good clothes that add presentable appearance in their personality.

One of the common features of 1950 s includes designing clothes that include cinched waistlines and hips and busts accentuated. Women preferred to wear such designs as they add mature looks and more elegance for them.

Change in styling

Though women in 1960 s preferred to wear simple style clothes, women than recognized the need for change from conservative and started wearing jeans and pants. Women also started wearing shorts, sportswear and other sun dresses. That was the time when women switched from conservative to modernism.

Historical context

New consumer driven society was generated in 1950 s that presented the idea of living comfortably with the available resources. After World War II women used to work in factories so they could earn good money to buy good style clothes.

Summer Clothes For Women New Look

The new look for women was introduced in 1947 by Dior. It includes the features of billowing skirts, pronounced bust line and cinched waist. Styles of 19th century were highlighted by the new look. Nylon mesh was used for designing petticoats that complemented the skirts. Crinoline cages were also used in that time period. Fancy colors added the attraction of dresses for women. During the periods of war women used to wear dull colors that reflected signs of unhappiness. However a new opulence was introduced in the new look.

Pencil skirts

Skirts were designed that used tight waistcoats and busted hips added a more feminine look for women. Skirts were preferred by women in hot weather and parties. Pencil skirts also became popular as they added more elegance and glamour.

Fabric and technology

When mass production gained advancements, new designs and techniques were used for designing summer clothes for women. Garment factories were established that were able to manufacture clothes in less time and fulfill needs of large population. Large production units were produced so it became affordable for women to buy clothes.

Use of cotton for clothing

Cotton clothes are mostly used in summer season by women. The soft fabric provides more cooling effect and more comfort ability to women. Use of cotton reduced the demand for Dacron and rayon in hot weather.

Women started wearing pants

Working women started wearing pants on factories and other working fields as pants provide more comfort ability than skirts. With time use of pants became more common among women. Common types of pants include loose hostess pants, tight knit slacks and cotton trousers. Women at homes and beaches preferred to wear shorts and blouses.

Influence of Galante

Galante Maurizio is among one of the famous designers who presented his collection for women first in Paris in 1991. He presented more feminine designs. The new designs appealed women as more attractive clothe patterns were presented by him.

Indian clothing

For women commonly used dress for women that is used in hot weather is kurta. Kurta and shalwar are popular in India. Women prefer to wear kurtas with shalwar or jeans. This dressing was mostly used by middle class and mobile Indian women. Women in India also wear suit in hot season. Suit consists of various trousers styles that includes; baggy shalwar, having tight or wide ankles, pajamas that are straight legged. Trousers are worn with kameez that is a shirt similar to kurta of knee length. Indian women also take dupatta with this dressing. Dupatta is like stole that is made up of lighter stuff for hot weather.

Muslim women

Women prefer to adapt this type of clothing because it is connected to religious connotations. Muslim women are concerned with values of religion.  Women use different decorative patterns on shirts and kurtas that add elegance and charm. Printed and embodied designs are also used for making motifs on the shirts. Attractive colored shirts attract women. Summer clothes for women are commonly made up of cotton and lawn stuff. Regional motifs and plain attractive colors make clothes more fascinating for women. Working women prefer to wear simple designs and plain shirts that add formal appearance.


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