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3 Piece Suit

How To Pick The 3 Piece Suit For The Right Occasion


No matter what occasion is coming ahead, if it is important to you then you are supposed to invest some time in choosing the best 3 piece suit. In order to look good, you may have to invest in something good and impressive. If that’s what you are looking for, here is a guide for all men to help them in buying a perfect suit:

What is the Occasion?

The choice of the suit depends on the occasion too. Here are some common occasions for which you need a suit:

  • Work: If you have a conservative dress code for your office, you must stick to classic cut and avoid those trend-led choices. In this case, a 3 piece suit would be a practical choice and it will be versatile too. You can always style it with different shirts and accessories for changing your look. Your foundation color should be black, navy blue or charcoal.
  • Job Interview: If it is a job interview, you should be wearing novelty tie or flamboyant hue. You have to make a sharp impression so that you are taken seriously by the employer. Therefore, the best choice is a classic fitted suit with white shirt. You can always choose a splash colored tie but make sure you don’t look understated. Make sure you are prepared with the suit ahead of time. Don’tmake the mistake of checking your suit in the morning otherwise you might end up in trouble.
  • Invitation Only: So, if it is an important invitation and you really want to look impressive or in other words the center of attention of everyone, you have to be picky. This can be an invitation to a formal garden party or even a summer wedding. The colors that are best for these occasions are powder blue, stone gray, or any other lightweight fabric.

Choose the Correct Size

It has been observed that many people know what kind of suit they want to buy, but they make a mistake when it comes choosing the size. Take a look at the guide below to select a suit that exactly fits your size:

  • Shoulders: The shoulders of the suit should hug your shoulders and it should appear neat. Try the jacket and see if you can pull your arms forward and around. If you feel tight and uncomfortable, then it is not your right size.
  • Chest: You must be able to button your jacket easily without any force and you must be able to breathe freely. Once you have buttoned the jacket, place your fist between you and the jacket. If you want some give, then it means you need a smaller size.
  • Length: Wear the jacket and hang your arms straight and cup the hem in your hands. If you can reach them easily, that means it is too long. If you can reach them, that means the jacket is short. Usually, the modern jackets sit 1 to 2 inch below the cuff.
  • Sleeve Length: If the rest of the jacket fits you well but the sleeves are bit too long, just ask the tailor for altering the sleeves.
  • Trousers: The cut of the trouser leg should flatter and it must not look too loose or tight. If the waist or the length of the trouser has some extra inches, then there is nothing much to worry about, you can easily get them amend.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing the 3 Piece Suit

There are some rules you are supposed to follow in case you want to be sure that your suit lasts for a long time:

  • Do not get it dry cleaned too often otherwise the fabric will wear out. It is great if you have a second pair of trousers. You can easily switch the pairs for extending the life of your suit.
  • The belt you wear with the suit should always match the color of your shoes.
  • Do not wear brown shoes with a black 3 piece suit. That is a really awkward combination.
  • You can add life to your old suit by wearing different colored shirts and even patterned ties. This will give a whole new look to the same old suit and you won’t even feel that you have worn the suit way too often.
  • Never fasten the bottom button of the jacket.

Just follow the guide here so that you can buy yourself the perfect suit for the occasion. Styling will not be a problem for you if you have the right suit that looks great on you.


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