Saturday , 18 November 2017
Mens Brown Dress Shoes

Guide To Buy The Best Mens Brown Dress Shoes


When getting ready for a special occasion like weddings with friends and family, you always need to look your best. Apart from the dress, the second thing that matters a lot is the kind of shoes you are wearing. Believe it or not but shoes influence your entire personality. So decent shoes for your dress is what you really need. Mens brown dress shoes are trending more than before which makes us tell you about some rules that you need to consider while buying them.

Here are the main things you need to value before you buy brown dress shoes or even any kind of dress shoes:

Quality of the Material of Mens Brown Dress Shoes

When you set out to buy shoes, if you do not understand anything then it is always best to ask about it. The French brands are always preferred by many due to their durable and good looking shoes. The shoe that makes you feel like you have slipped in silk when the foot goes in is the right one. Shoes that make it hard for the foot to adjust are not appropriate.

Do not ever try to buy those shoes that seem pretty from the showcase and have a glossy leather look. This is because when you touch the surface, you will feel it plastic or something close to that but not leather of course.Also notice the smell of the leather. Leather shoes should always have the genuine leather aroma or the smell of the polish. No leather is wrinkle-free so when you buy leather mens brown dress shoes, you should be careful about this.

Heel of the Shoe

If by chance your height is around 5 feet then the size of the shoe heel should be not be more than 3cm or 1.2 inches. Heels taller than this always give an artificial look and will not cooperate with the entire outfit. Heels higher than 1.2 inches will make it appear like you are wearing women’s shoe. So be careful about this one.

Shape of the toes

Anything that looks too vivid and extreme does not always look good when you are talking about wearing with a formal suit. The front of the shoe matters a lot and it should never be exactly like a square, round or too pointy. The shoe that has the perfect shaped toe is always elegant. Too pointy shoes might make you look like an elf. Square shoes are just not that into the fashion range anymore and the perfect semi-circle shoes should be left for people with pancake feet. Always go for something that has an elegant feel, even when you are buying shoes. The shoe that complements the shape of your feet is always a yes.


The shoes that don’t compliment the suit you are going to wear are a big no. Shoes that have the perfect elegant appearance but do not look good with your entire suit should not be bought. Thick sole shoes are not a wise choice as it does not look catchy or close to elegant. Men who wear skinny suits and then when you look to their shoes you find bulk of sole there that ultimately makes you want to turn away from them. Not cool. Giving importance to the silhouette of your body is necessary. Even while wearing clothes you need to pick the ones that are not too skinny or too baggy. Just like that keep those shoes correlating with your entire look. The suits that are slim will look great if you wear slim shoes with them having perfect toe shape. Suits that are gracious will look good with shoes that look heavier. Buy shoes by considering your suit which you will be wearing. If still you are not getting this then consulting the seller would also be helpful.

Consult Someone Wise

When you come at consulting someone for help in buying the right mens brown dress shoes then you need to make sure the person you are asking is concerned and has knowledge in buying the right shoe. Picking brown shoes that will also compliment your dress is a tricky mission.

If you are about to ask your father who wears baggy suits with loafers then turn around and look for other options. Brown shoes have always represented class and buying these with someone who already has an experience in this field is recommended.

Consider these points and shop for the best brown dress shoes to compliment with your dress. Good luck!


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