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Extra Wide Shoes

Extra Wide Shoes Becoming Popular A New Trends



The history indicates that the footwear tradition is related to Egyptian civilization. The history of shoes is very old in Mesopotamia. Trend of wearing shoes began in 1600 and 1100 BC. People that lived in mountains used to wear soft shoes for protecting their feet. Women preferred to wear softer shoes compared to men. For the purpose of making shoes most commonly used material was soft leather that used to wrap the feet. This stuff was very similar to moccasins. Women used fabric shoes for more comfort ability. It had been difficult to clean stain shoes and fabric shoes. However suede shoes could be cleaned easily with white brush. Stilettos were invented in 1900 s that became very popular among women. Stilettos were first used in weddings and functions then women started wearing them in offices too. Extra wide shoes are designed to provide unique styles.

Types of Extra Wide Shoes

For women shoes are not only a source of providing protection but they also wear shoes to add style. Elongated shoes are made up of wide toe box and narrow heel. These shoes are cosmetically more attractive compared to other types of shoes. Some types include platforms, wedges and lower crunchy heels. It is good for short height girls that provides them a cushion and gives them taller appearance. As far as comfort ability is concerned, these extra wide shoes cause less pain compared to other high heels and stilettos. These are healthier comparatively. Women who are also concerned about the health issues prefer to buy these shoes.

Providing comfort

One of the main features for designing shoes for men and women includes providing high levels of comfort. The more comfortable the shoes are the more satisfied the customers will be. So the top brands that are selling shoes try to design comfortable shoes. Heels are always appealing women, brands also keep in mind to design comfortable heels so that they should provide more comfort to women and satisfy their needs.

Wearing proper shoes

When a consumer buys a shoes must consider the long term benefits of the shoes. When shoes are bought on should notice that it fits perfectly on feet. Narrowed toe shoes can cause pain and damage to feet. One important step is to get accurate measurements of the feet and then choosing perfect size. Choosing incorrect size and width can be harmful for feet causing problems such as bunions, blisters, hammertoes, black toes and other foot problems. Improper fitted shoes can also cause back ache and knee injuries.

Healthy feet

Feet become swelled in small fitted shoes. When a person gets older size of feet also gets wider. Shoe that properly fits will prevent many injuries and problems. Buying loose shoes will provide better fitting. A scientific study has also revealed that shoes that are comfortable and not narrowed toed are likely to increase the health of feet. Before purchasing shoes it is better to measure the size. Loose fitting shoes are better for wearing as they provide more comfort and keeps feet healthier.

Attractive shoe appearance

Now different styles are available in loose categories of shoes that provides new and stylish look to people. So people don’t have to be conscious about the looks and their appearance. These shoes also come in attractive and fancy designs. Some of the popular types include wedges and platforms for women. The shoes are mostly purchased by people who prefer comfort ability.

Importance of shoes selection

People prefer to buy shoes that are aesthetically pleasing and looks great on feet is not proper for people’s health. For the overall well being of human beings healthy feet is important factor. Number of foot disorders emerges from pearly fitted shoes. Some of the common disorders include blisters, bunions, callouses and problems of blood circulation. These disorders also affect the muscular structure and the skeletal system of humans.  A person feels pain in ankles, lower back and hips this also affects their walking style and overall personality.

Old people and youngsters prefer to buy comfortable shoes, how much stylish they maybe. Variety of designs and styles are available for people. Famous brands design shoes keeping in view the comfort ability and also try to avoid foot disorders.


Some of the suggestions that must be considered before buying shoes are as follows;

  • A shoe that is bought must fit well.
  • Feet measurement should be taken to choose accurate size for feet.
  • Extra wide shoes provide more comfort level compared to narrowed shoes.
  • Shoes should be bought in evening as size of feet increases a bit.
  • Shoes bought should be durable.

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