Saturday , 18 November 2017


Stylish Summer Clothes For Women From Conservatism To Modernism

Summer Clothes For Women

History of summer clothes for women is very old. In 1950 s fashion of women presented a combination of glamour and conservatism. It presented combining features of freshness and femininity. Women who had gone through the phases of great depression and World War II started wearing fashion clothes in 1950 s. the most commonly used styles includes skirts, trousers and …

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Public’s Demand For Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Introduction It has been observed that the fashion sector dealing with affordable plus size clothing is most neglected one. Women that are obese and require plus size clothes have been facing problems. Top brands are usually designing clothes for smart girls and boys, thus neglecting larger men and women. Statics obtained from a research study highlights increase in ratio of …

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