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Mens Ankle Boots

How To Buy The Best Pair Of Mens Ankle Boots


Men have been wearing the ankle boots since the Victorian times. The astonishing thing is that they have gained popularity in the hiking as well as the dress shoe market. They are also known as dealer boots and Chelsea boots. They have a stylish appearance and they are known to be a perfect alternative to the dress shoes. If you are in search of a professional look, then the mens ankle boots in leather and suede are readily meant for you. In case you didn’t know, ankle boots have a hike to provide ankle support and this hike is capable of withstanding heat, cold, and water seepage. Before you set out to buy these shoes for yourself, you have to know if you need them for casual dressing or the athletic activities. You must know the basic anatomy, size and popular brands in these boots for choosing the best one.

Anatomy of the Mens Ankle Boots

Let’s talk about the anatomy of the ankle boot. Here are some of the terms that you need to know:

Broguing: These are the tiny holes perforated into the leather boots for the purpose of adding detail.

Tongue: It is the part of the boot that spans to the inlet of the upper. It is usually found on the ankle of the hiking boots.

Tread: It is the part of the outer sole that touches the ground and it is designed for gripping the specific surfaces. It is also commonly found in the hiking boots.

Upper: It is the part of the boot that is placed above the sole. It is made from a variety of materials which include suede, leather, canvas and similar other synthetic materials.

Types of Ankle Boots

Mens Ankle boots are of two types. Here are the two common ones:

  • Dress Ankle Boots: They are known as an alternative to the dress shoes. You can readily wear them casually with formal or even the business attire. These shoes are available in black, brown, tan, beige, green and even white color. The common materials in which they are found include suede and leather. These boots have specific feature. They are available in lift and minimal heel. Some of them also come with laces. These laces can either be functional or decorative. For designing, sometimes you will also see tiny holes in the leather.
  • Hiking Ankle Boots: These are the hiking boots that have ankle support. They can protect you from ankle sprain and even similar injuries. The common materials in which these shoes are available include leather and suede. These two materials are better than any other because they are capable of withstanding toughness and they can even last long. The best thing about these boots is that they keep your feet warm with the foot bed insulation.

Ankle boots are mainly designed for hiking. So, if you frequently have to walk on rocky, and wet conditions, you will find these boots to be your perfect companion. They are water resistant and waterproof.  The popular brands in these shoes include Dr. Martens, Timberland, Frye, Nike and more. You have to be sure that these boots are comfortable in order to make sure that you have the best comfort. If you have worn too small shoes, it is going to cramp your feet. Therefore, you have to be sure that choose the right size. The size starts from 9.31 inches to 11.31 inches.

How to Buy the Right Pair of Ankle Boots?

  • In case you are looking for ankle boots, then you are supposed to perform some research. The best way to get started is to know what material you want. You will see a lot of choices but if you know which one you want that will narrow down your choices.
  • The next thing you have to know is what style or color you want in the shoe.Mostly men choose black or brown because they readily go with all sorts of outfits. So, your goal here would be to choose a color that is capable of going with all types of dresses you wear.
  • Comfort is an important factor that many people neglect when buying ankle boots. In case the boots are not comfortable, you are never going to wish to wear them for long. Your money will be wasted.

There are ways to choose mens ankle boots at affordable prices. Even the top brands have affordable range available. You simply have to make up your mind regarding what type and style you want and just let the options amaze you.


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