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Boots For Men

8 Different Types of Boots for Men


Boots are always better than shoes. There was a time when shoes were in the buzz but when boots came out, they brought a massive evolution. The movers and shakers of history have always seen wearing boots. Men of class always choose boots for styling. It will not be wrong to say that boots should be a part of your shoe wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at the most famous boots for men in the list:

  1. Chelsea Boots

These boots were introduced in the mid-19th century in England. They have protected the feet of a number of British invaders. They are now included in the list of the best men’s wear. The best thing is that you can pair them with anything whether it is a suit, denim jeans or even trousers.

  1. Ankle Boots

These are the coolest footwear that has being made to date. Many rock stars have worn these graceful shoes. They look great with the tight pants. They simply look amazing with the leather pants.

  1. Wingtip Boots

There are some casual shoes that contain formal embellishments. Wingtip boots are one of them. These shoes have holes and even laces for the purpose of embellishment. You can readily wear them with a suit. They also go well with casual pair of denim. You can literally pair them with anything you can think of.

  1. Chukka Boots

Just like all leather boots, Chukka boots had been first worn by the British soldiers in Africa during the Second World War. Then, these boots made their way to the Atlantic and they were worn casually for the second half of the 20th century. In winters, they don’t just keep you warm, but they maintain your grace too. You wouldn’t mind pairing them with a quality sweat shirt and regular pair of jeans.

  1. Hiking Boots

One of the best old school boots famous across the world are the hiking boots for men. Their alpine prowess made them popular. You don’t necessarily have to wear them when you are going on hiking, you can wear them casually too.

  1. Hunting Boots

You will find lots of variety in hunting boots. When you are going on hunting, you will need technically advanced boots. These boots are known for their style, but their warmth and waterproof quality. These boots are sturdy which makes them a lot durable.

  1. Work Boots

They are strong and long lasting boots. The best thing is that they are stylish and they protect your feet no matter what kind of work environment it is. The design of these shoes was not that impressive but it was perfected half a century ago.

  1. Trench Boots

These boots are being worn since World War One. We have seen army officers wearing these boots most of the time. These shoes have a military root. They will look amazing when paired with rolled denim jeans.

Now that you know different types of boots available for men, there is one important thing to take care of here. It is the maintenance of your shoes. We usually buy leather boots. You have observed that the quality and appearance of the boots start deteriorating time after time. If you don’t really take proper care or in other words maintain your boots, you are never going to keep their appearance and ensure their durability.

Cleaning and Maintaining Boots For Men

Below are some tips related to cleaning and maintaining your boots:

  • You need to clean your leather shoes regularly. Get a cleansing product for this purpose. Some of the brands even give them cleaners so that you can readily clean and shine your boots time after time.
  • If you are buying a cleansing product before that, make sure what type of leather you are dealing with. Here is a test for you. Put a little amount of cleanser on the top of the surface of the leather and wait to see if it sinks. If it sinks, then that means it is unfinished leather. On the other hand, if it does not sink, then it means you are dealing finished leather.
  • Before oiling or polishing your boots, you have to be sure that you brush off the dirt, mud or crust. Do not allow the dust or mud to settle on the surface of the leather. If you don’t get rid of the dirt, you will see your boots getting damaging. So, always scrape off the mud cake by using a soft brush for removing the dust or dirt.

No matter what type of boots for men you have in your collection, make sure you take care of them well.


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